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Layout of your Chart

Pat Terner and Your Style of Life  - 6 pages, 782 KB

When we look at a chart, we observe the layout of planets as they appear in the houses. This document provides the graphics for these various layouts as they 1) correspond to clothing  and 2) show up in a circle with dots. Text explains the meanings of these layouts.

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Granny Lee's Glasses Long Form

Aspects are mathematical relationships between planets in a chart. Traditional Western (Piscean Age) Astrology uses 7 major aspects. We use 28. This document shows a graphic designed to relate to the meaning of each of the 28 aspects. Text explains the meanings. This Long Form could be printed and used for one to analyze one's aspects. However, it is many pages long and you may prefer the Short Form,

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Granny Lee's Glasses Short Form

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