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Meetings, Seminars and Workshops

Lee's presentations include PowerPoint® presentations for visual learners, worksheets for tactile learners, and lecture for auditory learners.

Content can be adjusted to your time schedule - from a one-hour program for a meeting to a 3-day workshop. Workshops can include a mixture of programs.

Since presentations are customized, please contact Lee for pricing. Our mission is to reveal the new Astrology. We are happy to work with you and your budget. Please email Lee@AquarianAgeAstrology.com or call 469-471-4439.

Please note item numbers have not been added and won't be until later in 2013. Please be explicit in what you want.



 Please remember the new Astrology does NOT replace other methods - it is a new perspective that ADDS to what already has been available. Also, the graphics are child-like and are meant to be, since all of this material eventually will be available for children. They should not be dismissed by adults. We have found that adults "get" the concept very quickly when they see the drawings and, as they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words."


Master Sunday - From Age of Virgo through Age of Pisces

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This circle shows Master Sunday of Ages, each one 2160 years long; each Age is represented by one of the Zodiac signs; the Ages are at hourly times  every two hours with Virgo at midnight and Pisces at high noon


We look at the Ages (2160 years each), beginning with the Virgo Age at midnight and moving clockwise.  We review how humanity has developed consciousness through each period until The Aquarian Age.



Dawning of The Aquarian Age and Masters Aquarian Age Astrology

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Aquarius Decans of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra representing Liberty, Brotherhood, and Equality

This is an Overview Presentation and we consider the New Age both in terms of the 

  1. Standard shifting of the "The Triplicities" (elements of earth, air, fire, water) and "The Quadruplicities" (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable signs) as Pisces becomes the Cardinal Fire sign, and

  2. The new perspectives brought by Masters Aquarian Age Astrology as the signs in the Animal Zodiac shift upward to become the Systems in the CrystaLine BrainTrain; Aquarius is The Nervous System where we take in data and the data flows along neural networks.

It is said "The Truth shall make you free." The Aquarian Age is the time when we search for Truth.

Depending upon the length of the presentation, we can add more or less information.



The CrystaLine BrainTrainTM - Consciousness Lifts from the signs in the Animal Zodiac to The Systems

Item #

This is the circle of the 12 cars of the CrystaLine BrainTrain with each train car a graphic that represents that System or Principle

This presentation goes into depth regarding each System. If attendees have their own natal (or any other) chart, they can discover in which system they are working on 1) Mental Development; 2) Earth Purpose); and 3) Emotional Development or Personality. By becoming more Aware, we are able to align ourselves Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally.

Please see "A New Perspective," which is an overview of the BrainTrain's Seats, Parts, and Sub-Parts.


The Aquarian Age Nervous System - Using Both Right and Left Brain Lobes to Better Understand "Gods" and "Goddesses"

Item #

This graphic shows the left brain and right brain lobes; the left represents step-by-step logic and the right is ore random thinking

On the midnight to high noon side of Master Sunday (moving clockwise), we developed individuality and the ego became supreme. This is the "God" or male-dominated side.  We are now on the high noon to midnight side of Master Sunday (moving clockwise). This is the nurturing, reflective, and relationship side and the emphasis is on the female-dominated traits as shown by the "Goddesses."



A New Perspective - The Big Picture and The Details

Item #

Perspective is the topic of this graphic; close up we see something and as we back away we can see more, finally seeing a traini that we can stop from plummeting into a river because the bridge is out

Our perspective can totally change what APPEARS to be our reality. By adding "Seats" to the CrystaLine BrainTrain, we discuss more than just the System. Each Seat is divided into Parts and each Part is divided into Sub-Parts. This gives us great detail in a chart. The Directory of Seats, Parts, and Sub-Parts will be available in 2012 but this presentation gives an Overview of what is to come.



Tropical or Sidereal?

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We can choose to use the Tropical Zodiac or the Sidereal Constellations; this graphic shows President George W. Bush's Sun in each method

In 2011, a few scientists criticized Astrology by claiming people "don't know their sun signs" - that signs usually are a whole one off. This was quite confusing to some individuals. Astrologers typically choose to use either the Sidereal Constellations (the choice of Vedic Astrologers) or Tropical Signs (used in Piscean Age, also known as Traditional Western Astrology). Lee uses the Sidereal to look at the Soul and hidden inner self as well as the Tropical to look at the surface as we appear to be. In Masters Aquarian Age Astrology, the Tropical Signs have moved up a step on the ladder to be Systems of the CrystaLine BrainTrain. 

In this presentation, audience members discover 1) how to determine their Sidereal Sun using the Tropical Sun and 2) how these two different Suns show up in the behavior of former President George. W. Bush. 



How to Instantly Know Where Someone in Your Life is "Coming From"

Item #

This graphic shows Officer N. Stan and a body to represent we can discover where someone is coming from as we look at who we are and the sign of that person's Sun, Moon, and planets   

Patrolman  N. Stan Function-Junction is the Crossing Guard and helps us to immediately recognize potentials - Will someone try to manipulate me? Will someone try to force me? and much more. 

The graphic on the poster that sits on the tripod is difficult to see. Therefore, we have included a similar graphic below this text. The graphic below shows how the Systems lay out around the body of a person who is standing up. This is a very different perspective than the one of the Piscean Age Zodiac in which we look at one sign as the head (Aries) and go through the body to the feet (Pisces). In the standard Aquarian Age Shift, Pisces becomes  the head and Aquarius becomes the feet.  The head is one sign on the circle and each sign follows around the circle as though someone is lying down.

In Masters Aquarian Age Astrology we stand up. Each System can be at the position of a Head. The other Systems then are positioned around the body going from head to fingers and back to head. 

In Patrolman N. Stan's lingo, they positions are: Start With Me (head); The NeckTies (connecting outward or being connected by); The GrindStones (revealing outward as we bear the weight or some work or bare our shoulders to show off something or something is being revealed to us); The L. Bowgreasers; The Risky Stakes; The Handley Twins with Thummy Fisters; and finally, The Octo-Sisters. Again, energy flows outward and comes inward. The graphic shown is with Ob Server (Nervous System, Aquarius) at the head position. In the presentation, we have worksheets with each System in the head position.

 This is the body with Aquarius at the head, Pisces connecting outward, Aries shouldering the weight outward, Taurus forcing elbow outward, Gemini risky wrist outward, Cancer handing out, Leo fingers digging into something, Virgo taking on to handle, Libra risk taken on, Scorpio force taken on, Sagittarius weight taken on, and Capricorn connection taken on



The CharacterBuildersTM - No More "Good" and "Evil" Planets - All CBs Help Us Enjoy Blessings and Meet and Overcome Challenges

Item #

This graphic shows the new artwork for all the planets which are now CharacterBuilders.

This is a look at the logical or step-by-step use of CharacterBuildersTM. Each CharacterBuilder is an Indicator of a System. These are NOT the same as "planets" who "rule" Signs in Piscean Age (Traditional Western) Astrology. 



Pat TernerTM and Her Fashions Show Us Our Lifestyle

Item #


As we look at a chart, we see the layout of planets. This graphic turns those layouts intoo fashions to help us remember what the layouts mean.

When we look at an Astrological chart, we immediately see the layout of the CharacterBuilders. Are they showing us focus or are they scattered. In this program, we look at the variety of layouts and how these indicate the pattern of behavior of individuals.



The Earth in Your Charts

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Each of us has an Earth purpose. This graphic shows the Sun in a sign, which places the Earth in the opposite sign.

The late and great Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson taught Lee to use the Earth in a Chart. This presentation explains what the Earth tells us. The Sun offers enlightenment and brings information to our conscious knowledge. It is up to us to do something with that knowledge. 

The Earth in EVERY chart is EXACTLY across from the Sun - same degree, same minutes, same seconds. We affect our world by serving our Earth Purpose. 

The graphic shows the two halves of the Aquarius Ob Server Nervous System (where Sun is) and the two halves of the Leo Basil Framington Bones Skeletal System (where Earth is). We are using the symbols from Piscean Age Astrology.

In Aquarius, the two halves are Aquarius and Leo. If the Sun is in the Leo half of the sign of Aquarius, the Earth is in the Aquarius half of the sign of Leo. Again, the Sun and Earth are EXACTLY across from each other.

The presentation also suggests we look at the same degrees, minutes, and seconds around "Patrolman N. Stan's Body" (the body is presented in more detail in another program).



Your Destiny Number, Day of Birth, and Planetary Hour of Birth

Item #

This graphic shows the artwork for Destiny Number, Day of Birth, and Planetary Hour of birth

Throughout our lives, we are affected EVERY DAY and ALL DAY by these three influences. Learn how to calculate your Destiny Number. If you don't already know, a Natal Chart can tell you the day you were born and the planetary hour of your birth. Birth data for registered attendees can be sent to Lee a week before the presentation and this information will be brought for each attendee. If attendee desires a copy of the Natal Chart, a fee of $3.00 per chart is required. Chart choices are "Novice" and "Chart Service A". Click here to see samples of charts available through our Chart Service.



These next two topics can be presented individually or combined into the 13-Step Program to Life Mastery

Lee's Quick, Smart, EZ, & AwareTM Way to Balance One's Life - The Life Vehicles

Item #

This shows the Life Vehicles Quick, Smart, EZ, and Aware which represent emotional, initellectual, physical, and spiritual selves.

We work on balancing our four "bodies" so that none is out of control. We align our emotions, intellect, physical body, and spiritual self. 

Quick Quack The Emotional, Smart "D" Dolphin the Mental, and EZ Elephant The Physical each can be balanced and life is enjoyable and positive. However, each can transform themselves into one of two extremes and make life miserable for the self and/or others. For example, here are Quick's two extremes, Duck This One and Play Dead Duck.

Emotions can be centered and balanced or get out of control. This graphic shows out of control emotions represented by Duck This One.   This is the opposite from being too aggressrive emotionally. This Graphic is Play Dead Duck, which is being too passive.

Aware The Spiritual also has two extremes, but neither is negative. One extreme is Seedling Aware - someone just beginning to wake up to all that Life holds, and SuperAware, which represents someone who is Aware of both the big picture and the details. 



Using Lee's Activity ModesTM to Avoid Being Trapped

Item #

These are the Activity Modes of Apt or potential, Tie-and-Wrap (Trap) or reality, and the Scrap Twins of ScrapBook and ScrapBag.


Life is composed of three activities and if we follow through this Trinity, we are Creative, we accomplish, and we reflect and improve. These steps are shown by Apt Ghost of a Chance (Potential), Tie-and-Wrap (TRAP), and The Scrap Twins (ScrapBook and ScrapBag).




CrownTownTM and The DozenCounsinsTM of The Headley FamilyTM

Item #

What were the Houses in Piscean Age Astrology are now the Heads. This graphic shows the new artwork for each of the Heads.

In Piscean Age (Traditional Western) Astrology, we use houses to give us an idea of in which area a planet is at work. In Masters Aquarian Age Astrology, we look at these areas of a chart as places in which we earn mastery. 



Granny Lee's GlassesTM  - 28 Aspects

Item #

This circle shows a graphic of Granny Lee in the center and around her are various beverages which now represent the aspects; from using 7 major aspects we can use 28.

In Piscean Age (Traditional Western) Astrology, we work with the 7 most common aspects (relationships between the planets) of conjunction (0 degrees), semi-sextile (30 degrees), sextile (60 degrees), square (90 degrees), trine (120 degrees), inconjunct (150 degrees), and opposition (180 degrees). A few Astrologers use the semi-square also known as the octile (45 degrees), the quintile (72 degrees), sesquiquadrate or tri-octile (135 degrees), and the biquintile (144 degrees).  We look at many more aspects to find more detail in a chart.



How Eclipses Affect A Chart

Item #

This graphic shows Eclipso the scissors representing eclipses.

We understand the effects of both Solar and Lunar Eclipses as the affect the CharacterBuilders (planets in Piscean Age Astrology) and the Heads (similar to houses in Piscean Age Astrology).



How Do You Color Your World?

Item #

This graphic shows camera lenses and each has a different color in it to represent we all see things differently or color what we see.

Just as filters can be placed on a camera lens, each of us adds a color to Life according to our chart. In this presentation, we look at the charts of individuals attending to discover the tint we add to events and people. Lee uses a large hat with color gels for attendees to put on in order to gain an idea of how we look at the world through our own Astrological charts.



The TakeIns and PutOuts - Making Choices for our Lives

Item #

artwork will be added later



Your Local Space Chart - What It Means

Item #

artwork will be added later

A Local Space chart is another tool for discovering how our CharacterBuilders influence us.



Your Astro-Location Chart and the Con-Trolls

Item #

An Astrological chart can become a map of the world showing where lines appear and each line is a planet. This graphic represents the Sun line and shows the character in bars meaning imprisoned by what is happening under that line. The character has taken control of behavior and is now outside the bars, but has a chaiin around his own neck. This is Sunny Con-Troll.

We can convert an Astrological chart to an Astro-Location Map with Mid-Heaven and Nadir Lines, as well as Ascending and Descending Lines. These lines show us locations in the world a CharacterBuilder's influence is strongest. As Sunny The Con-Troll indicates, we can either be controlled by a planet or CharacterBuilder OR we can take control. The choice is ours.

This presentation also offers illustrations of famous events and how Astro-Locality Charts fore-told negative behaviors.



Monica's CrisisCross - What to Watch Out For

Item #

artwork will be added later

We all have ups and downs and a chart can show us warnings so that we can ameliorate results. The Moon speaks loudly to us in order to prepare us. 



Midpoints of CharacterBuilders - What They Tell Us

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Messy Missy is an artist covered with various messy collors and paints all over her fingers. She represents how energies of planets get mixed up when they meet other planets as a midpoint, which is the spot exactly between the two planets on the chart.

In any chart (natal, progressed, horary, etc.) a CharacterBuilder on one Seat in a BrainTrain car interacts with a CharacterBuilder on another seat in another BrainTrain car. Just as with mixing paints, we get influences from each. 

The point where the two CBs "meet" and "interact" becomes like an invisible ghost. This meeting point contains energy from each of the CBs.

Also, this point can give us information on the inate aura that is always on that Seat (the degree and minutes in a System).The natures of the two CBs and the Systems they Indicate can help us learn more about ourselves and our world. 

Messy Missy teaches us how to interpret these Midpoints. All CBs interact and all Heads interact and there are even more objects in charts that interact.



Karmic Lessons in the Chart

Item #

artwork to be added



How Fixed Stars Affect Us

Item #

artwork to be added



Expanding Consciousness to Super-Galactic Sun

Item #

The Sun in the center of the Zodiac circle is our Sun. Shown at 26 Sag is the Galactic Sun. Shown at 0 Libra is the Super-Galactic Sun.

Some people on our planet Earth are interested in consciously developing themselves spiritually to their greatest potential. This also can be considered as accepting we already have reached potential and simply need to connect our conscious selves to that. Whichever way you think, we work with the Sun of our Solar or Soul System. We can become conscious of our Galactic and our Super-Galactic Sun (which our Galactic Sun revolves around). This presentation looks at the Systems and Seats we currently see these two great entities "sitting on."


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