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Welcome to Masters Aquarian Age Astrology. I am Lee masters (lower case "m" is correct - this last name, which is a DBA or Doing Business As and is always on file in the county in which I live, is used as a verb). The new Astrology is NOT named for me.

Blessings, Light, and Love to you!

My Life Purpose (Destiny) has been to channel the new Astrology that lifts us to a higher consciousness. In order to do this, I worked with Piscean Age Astrology for many years. When asked to, I still provide consultations using only Piscean Age (Aries through Pisces "Zodiac"). 

The new Astrology does NOT REPLACE Piscean Age, Vedic, or any other Astrological method. Masters Aquarian Age AstrologyTM adds another perspective. 

Also, we use graphics that make it very easy for children to learn this Divine Science and, therefore, develop responsibility for guiding their own lives as they become adults.  

We appreciate your visiting and, especially, your interest in God's Plan for your life. Astrology is our guidebook. I am honored to share with you Piscean Age Astrology as well as to provide you with the new and revolutionary insights of Masters Aquarian Age Astrology, which lifts us from being trapped in the Animal/Hue-man Kingdom to becoming Aware in the Initiate's Kingdom. We move closer to at-one-ment with our Creator and, as we become Centered in our Spiritual bodies, we are better able to use our Mental, Emotional, and Physical bodies. 

Please note, especially for media interviews, the desired focus is on the new Astrological techniques and how these can help people to improve their lives. Lee is simply an instrument or tool for bringing Masters Aquarian Age Astrology to the public. 

Lee's great love is astrology. In order to better manage life, Lee believes mastery of astrology can be our best guidebook. Because of this belief, Lee took the last name as a verb "masters." Therefore, the correct spelling of her name is Lee masters, which is a "Doing Business As" (DBA) name and is always on file in the county clerk's office in states in which Lee lives.

Lee holds both a BA and an M. Ed. degree in Education and has been a 

Student of The Divine Wisdom of Astrology since 1958

Professional Astrologer and New Age Teacher since 1978


She moved to Dallas in 1983 specifically to channel the Masters Aquarian Age AstrologyTM and works with both Piscean and Aquarian Age Astrology in both tropical and sidereal starmaps.


Lee details a few of her memorable experiences in Astrology:


"Of course, all the people I've met in the Astrology and Metaphysics communities have been memorable experiences and I'm so grateful for those positive influences in my life. There are a few times that stand out for one reason or another.


Finding a lost child


"In the mid 1990s, I was sound asleep when a call came through (office phone in my home - listing in the Dallas Yellow pages). A woman was desperate. Her niece, a toddler, had disappeared.  She explained that the toddler's mother and father believed astrology to be 'of the devil,' but she (this lady) did not agree with that belief and wanted to use any means available to find the child. I obtained the birth data and told the lady I would call her back in just a moment.


"Immediately, I calculated (using Matrix software) a chart for the child with progressions and transits. It was obvious that child was in a water holder, where water could flow through (not sit or fill the container).


"I called back the lady and she gave that information to the searchers. They immediately expanded the search to include an area where such a water structure existed. Morgan was found safe.


"The lady called me the next day with thanks and I replied, "The thanks are to God for the great gift of Astrology."


"This was such a meaningful experience in my life. Of course, the toddler is now an adult and recently I saw her on a local television news show regarding a lost dog. It made me so happy to see how wonderful and healthy she looks."



Lesson: Sleep is necessary, but there are times we must sacrifice that and be responsible to use our knowledge, wisdom, and skill to help, especially when children are involved.



Constultant to Movie


"In the 1990s, I served as the Astrological consultant for a made-for-TV movie filmed in Texas. The film, "A Promise to Caroline," starred Delta Burke, Swoosie Kurtz, and many others, including child stars Alexa Vega and Madylin Sweeten. This is a story of how Astrology helped someone to solve the mysterious death of a sibling. (If you ever learn that this movie is released on DVD, please let me know. I really want to obtain a copy. Please email me at lee@AquarianAgeAstrology.com. Thank you.)"



Lesson: Astrology can help with answers when nothing else seems to; A second lesson: PR is important, without it movie producers can't find you!



Meeting friends from another lifetime

"In the early 1980s, I conducted a small class in Dallas of students interested in mundane astrology as well as esoteric (soul development) astrology.

"One of the most interesting issues we discussed was the astrology of Mikael Gorbechev, the Premier of the USSR. The minute I saw his natal chart, it was obvious that he would change that country enormously. He would be the catalyst to end the Communist hold in the USSR. I asked the students to not announce this and I certainly would not. To do so meant 99+% of the people would NOT have paid attention.

"However, that <1% may have noted this and, as a result, their knowledge may have limited Gorbechev's work in some way. The world would have moved down an entirely different pathway and we could still be in a Cold War. While Americans seem to give President Ronald Reagan all the credit for ending the Cold War, that could not have happened without the effects of Mr. Gorbechev's chart. His destiny was accomplished." 


Lesson: Sometimes, silence is the best action.


"What was truly fascinating about this group of astrologers, including myself, is our connection to a past life at a convent in France. When we saw a photograph of the convent standing high on a hill, we each knew we had been there and had served together.

"These were wonderful, wonderful people and lights for the world. I'm sure wherever they are now, they are adding richly to the world around them."


Lesson: Yes, there are many spiritual people who believe in reincarnation and often meet others with whom they've shared meaningful Life Service.


The Murder House on Loganwood


"In the early 1990s, I was taking many business and psychology (brain structure and chemistry) courses at the University of Texas-Dallas. To make this more convenient, I moved into an apartment on the campus.


"At that time, UTD had only Junior and Senior level students. Since they wanted to bring in Freshmen and Sophomores, we older students were asked to move from the college housing. 


"I found a house near the campus and moved there. When I went to see the home, I had a strange feeling about it, but it was so convenient and it was a darling home. Also, it had white carpeting - how often do you find that in a rental house?


"More to come!"




Astrologer Lee masters

This photo is included because Lee appreciates so much the "astrological sweater" that was created for her in 1984 by very dear friend in Atlanta, the late Pat Davis.




(misplaced photo in a move - if someone has a pic, please send to me)

In the 1990s, Lee was a member of TAA, Texas Astrological Association. Meetings were held at The Constellation Bookstore in Dallas. The association no longer exists, but Lee has wonderful memories of the meetings, speakers, and members.



Lee masters astrologer

1994 in house on Loganwood near the UTD campus



Astrologer Lee masters

 Workshop with the fabulous Chris McRae, Astrological Society of North Texas, 2006; Chris has the turquoise scarf around her neck and Lee is wearing a red shawl



 In the past, Lee was a member of many of the best international, national, and local professional astrological associations. By 2009, Lee had dropped all memberships to concentrate on Aquarian Age Astrology and creating an Aquarian Age association at some point in the future. Withdrawing from the associations was no reflection on these wonderful groups. Lee simply needed a hermit existence for a period of time. She plans to rejoin these associations in the future.


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