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AllAgesAstrology.com - this is a new domain name as of October, 2016, that we have forwarded to this site.

Decades ago we began doing research on Aquarian Age Astrology, but the further we progressed into the research, the more we realized we were moving into the astrologies of future ages, just as we used techniques from previous ages (Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces).

Eventually, we will write a book on this discovery, but for the present, just wanted to make it clear that the BrainTrainTM with its grid of seats, parts, and sub-parts, and the CharacterBuildersTM and the Midpoints and the Declincations are really connected to future astrologies. The Aquarian Age provided us with Astereoids and Aspects.

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