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Aquarian Age

picture is of lightning, since Aquarius is Nervous System

If you are familiar with Astrology, you probably know about the Zodiac signs that begin with Aries and move counter-clockwise to Pisces. We call this Traditional Western Astrology or Piscean Age Astrology. We call this Zodiac the Animal/Hue-Man Zodiac. The signs are (in order, Column 1 vertically, then Column 5 vertically):

Sign Element Mode   Sign Element Mode
Aries Fire Cardinal   Libra Air Cardinal
Taurus Earth Fixed   Scorpio Earth Water
Gemini Air Mutable   Sagittarius Fire Mutable
Cancer Water Cardinal   Capricorn Earth Cardinal
Leo Fire Fixed   Aquarius Air Fixed
Virgo Earth Mutable   Pisces Water Mutable

Lee started in this lifetime using Piscean Age (PA) and has made many friends over the years who are wonderful PA Astrologers. All of the organizations in which Lee was a member were PA organizations. Charts are calculated using the "Tropical" Zodiac.

circle featuring the Zodiac signs by names and symbols; the Houses are numbered from 1 to 12 moving counter-clockwise

Some individuals will choose to continue using PA for hundreds, if not thousands of years into the future.


Vedic Astrology is very old and is based on the constellations as they appeared 2000+ years ago. We have many friends who are Vedic astrologers and they do a wonderful job. When a chart is calculated using "Sidereal" Zodiac, it shows the Sun, Moon, Planets, House Cusps, etc., about 24 degrees earlier. For example, if someone has a Sun at 15 degrees Libra, it would be at 21 Virgo in the Sidereal chart. 

Some individuals will choose to continue using Vedic into the future. For information on this method, books, websites, and classes are available. Since Lee has not worked with Traditional Vedic in this lifetime, there is nothing she can add.

Lee often uses both Sidereal Constellations and Tropical Signs - Sidereal as the soul and hidden "secret" self and talents, Tropical as the personality.


During this 2160-year Aquarian Age (this is the dawning), people may choose to use two different methods for Aquarian Age Astrology or use them both. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first people to bring to the public the "shifting" required for the Aquarian Age.

1st Method Available: Aquarian Age Astrology will continue to use the Animal/Hue-Man Zodiac with the 12 signs (and possibly adding Ophiuchus "The Serpent Bearer" to make 13 signs). The first sign shifts from Aries to Pisces and the last sign shifts from Pisces to Aquarius. During each age, the signs "shift."  Pisces becomes the "head" and Aquarius the "feet". 

If someone tells you there are doing Aquarian Age Astrology and they begin with Aries, please point out to them there is a shift. It isn't easy to wrap our minds around this change when we've been doing Piscean Age Astrology. This table is Standard Aquarian Age Astrology showing the shifts of elements and modes.

Sign Element Mode   Sign Element Mode
Pisces Fire Cardinal   Virgo Air Cardinal
Aries Earth Fixed   Libra Earth Water
Taurus Air Mutable   Scorpio/Ophiuchus Fire Mutable
Gemini Water Cardinal   Sagittarius Earth Cardinal
Cancer Fire Fixed   Capricorn Air Fixed
Leo Earth Mutable   Aquarius Water Mutable


2nd Method Available: Lee's responsibility has been to channel Masters Aquarian Age AstrologyTM, (MAAA) which is a different perspective. Not everyone will be interested in this method. Those interested probably are discovering they are "Initiates" on the Path to a Higher Spiritual Self, which also lifts us to a Higher Mental, Emotional, and Physical manifestation. 

We have a whole list of changes, but for now we will mention only two - the move from the Animal/Hue-Man Zodiac to the Initiate Kingdom where we use the CrystaLine BrainTrain SystemsTM. The graphics have been designed so that children can easily comprehend the meaning and implementation of each system. This Flash shows you the Systems. Ophiuchus is within the Circulation System graphic of Sir Lance and Sir Trance CirclesTM.

This is a Flash showing the 12 Systems of the CrystaLine BrainTrainTM

In addition, in MAAA, we stand up so that the systems appear to be a train that circles the waist. Since we are now "standing" for something (or standing on our own two feet), we start with Aquarius or Ob ServerTM (the Nervous System) and we move both clockwise and counter-clockwise to read a chart. We don't start with the System in front of us.

Each System is represented as a car on the CrystaLine BrainTrainTM. Each car has on it 12 Seats. The Sun, Moon, Planets, and other possible "CharacterBuildersTM" (CBs) sit on these seats. As we progress or regress a chart, these CBs get up from a Seat and move to another Seat. The only reason we are mentioning the "seats" at this time is to explain why there are 13 Steps to Mastery in this new MAAA method.

When we start with a System, regardless of which one, we begin with Seat 1. However, Seat 1 is only half of a Seat. Over time, we move through the remainder of that System or train car. When we reach the final full seat, it is No. 12. However, we have a little more to do. We want to "master" what we have learned from that System. We move to the 13th place, but it is the second half of what was Seat 1. We know this sounds a little complicated. We're including a graphic of a car with the seats. The point is always to master ourselves. This graphic is of the Nervous System moving counter-clockwise. You can see that Seats 1 and 13 are halves  of a seat and each of the remaining 11 Seats is a full Seat. Just think of the CharacterBuildersTM sitting (alone or with another) on the Seats.

Aerial view of Nervous System BrainTrain car showing seats


Each Seat is divided into Parts and Sub-Parts, so this method does offer a lot of detail. We will be releasing the information about the Parts and Sub-Parts later in 2011.

Finally, in MAAA, we don't use the Modes and Elements as they have been shown previously on this page. Instead, we use the Activity ModesTM of Apt, Tie-and-Wrap (Trap), and ScrapTM and the Life Vehicles of Quick, Smart, EZ, & AwareTM

One of three Activity Modes, this is Apt for Potential  One of three Activity Modes, this is Tie-and-Wrap (Trap) for reality one of three Activity Modes, these are The Scrap Twins of ScrapBook and ScrapBag

One of four Life Vehilcles, this is Quick Quack representing the Emotional Self  One of four Life Vehilcles, this is Smart "D" Dolphin representing the Intellectual Self  One of four Life Vehilcles, this is EZ Elephant representing the Physical Self  One of four Life Vehilcles, this is Aware representing the Spiritual Self

(Quick, Smart, EZ, & AwareTM each have two extremes - Lee does a program detailing these). Once you see the graphics of the extremes, it becomes extremely (pun intended) easy to classify the behaviors of ourselves and of others. When we behave in an extreme manner, we can self-correct. There may be times when the extreme is necessary and appropriate, but that depends on the individual and the situation.

Hopefully, this brief explanation helps you to recognize the choices available to provide us with enormous amounts of information about ourselves, others, our countries, etc. - continue with Piscean, Vedic, or one of the older methods, use standard Aquarian Age Astrology (like Piscean but with a shift of elements and modes), and use Masters Aquarian Age AstrologyTM which adds many new perspectives along with much more detail (all to be revealed).

MAAA does NOT replace any method. It augments or adds to what we have. 



Coming in 2013 - after the 2012 Alignment with the Galactic Center - Lee's will publish her Guidebook to the Aquarian Age. The book will provide the translation of the Nostradamus Quatrain regarding the Aquarian Age which has never been revealed. Lee discovered this Quatrain in 1986. 


Masters Aquarian Age AstrologyTM has been a work in progress for Lee since 1958. Lee moved to Dallas in 1983 in order to channel the new perspective. The graphics were created before the year 2000 and the goal always has been to offer information in a format that makes it easy to grasp, comprehend, and use such a complicated subject. 

In the 1990s, various clients received pieces of information on the new Astrology and a few clients received a 2-inch "StartChartTM" binder that included most of the new information in both text and graphics formats. In addition, during that decade much of the information was published on our website for a short period of time. This was to connect to individuals throughout the world who were, at that time, searching for Aquarian Age Astrology. 

In a public forum, Lee introduced Aquarian Age Astrology to members of the Astrological Society of North Texas on August 12, 2007 during a lecture on "The 13th Sign: Ophiuchus, The Serpent Bearer and Wounded Healer."  .

On Sunday, February 21st of this year (2011), Lee briefly introduced the new Astrology to a group of women involved in Goddess wisdom. It was wonderful to discover how interested some are in the new information. Sunday's transit chart indicated the importance of the event. 

Over the next few weeks and months, we will add more text and graphics to this page. The main thing to know right now is that the signs of the Piscean Age Zodiac are now the Systems in the CrystaLine BrainTrainTM. Again, Lee created the graphics to aid children in learning Astrology.

This is the CrystaLine BrainTrain with the 12 cars and each car  shows a graphic that represents the System of that car; the Zodiac signs have become Systems or Principles in Aquarian Age Astrology

A brochure is available that details many of the changes. Click here for the PDF version. 

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