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available in late 2017




Great for Quick Readings at Metaphysics Events, Psychic Fairs, Parties, or simply waking up and asking, "What will day be like?"


Using the AstroDice is much quicker than drawing up a chart or even printing a computer-generated chart.

We will have this product available in the latter part of 2013 and selling them for $9.95 plus tax for Texas residents, plus S&H of $3.00. It features three dice, a bag, and instructions in both English and Spanish. Professional astrologers and advanced students should not need the instructions. 

Two of Lee's fun adventures using AstroDice

Years ago, Lee was playing piano and singing in a piano bar in Houston, TX. On top of the piano bar, Lee kept a set of AstroDice. Customers could throw the dice, ask a question, and Lee would answer from the layout of the three dice (one for planets, one for houses, one for signs).

David, a regular customer, was well known in the bar as a bachelor and fun-loving guy. One evening, he stopped by, threw the dice, and Lee laughed loudly. "David, you've been caught by a dark-haired woman with large 'endowment' and you're going to marry her!"

Others at the piano bar laughed and made comments, such as, "Fat chance," "No way," "Not David." After a few moments, David sheepishly smiled, nodded his head, and said, "Yes, we're getting married next week."

Everyone applauded, and everyone then wanted to throw the dice.

The AstroDice were a very popular addition at the piano bars in which Lee performed.

She also used them for special parties. In the mid 1990s, Lee performed for a New Year's Eve party in Tyler, Texas and the dice again became a hit as individuals would ask a question, throw the dice, and receive astrological guidance. This was done as a group venture and brought many laughs and lots of fun.

In one instance, however, as Lee observed the thrown dice, she asked to speak privately with the individual, explaining the dice were showing a health situation that should be discussed with the lady's doctor. Lee later learned that a major problem was averted because of the advice.


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