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Blog regarding Missing Malaysian Flight 370


I calculated the chart on Monday March 10 (after the plane disappeared on March 7), the Arabian Parts on Tuesday, the Midpoints on Wednesday, and wrote the blog on Thursday. There continues to be news being broadcast. I will let the FAA know of the chart's findings and maps showing location of the plane, but it is doubtful anyone there will be interested.

UPDATE, I had said the plane would be found at latitude 24N39 49 and longitude 046E43 10. This would be on land. Pieces of an airplane have been washing ashore on an island at about 52E, but there has been no absolute proof it is the SAME plane that disappeared. It is the same KIND of plane, but I like more proof than that.

It could be the astrological chart Map was wrong. But, we don't know that yet, do we?

Also, there are lots of plane "boneyards" where pieces can be obtained. If terrorists took the Malaysian plane, wouldn't they be smart enough to obtain parts from a boneyard and let those wash ashore, making everyone think flight 370 ended in the water? If that were true, the terrorists could just hold on to the Boeing 777 until they would be ready to use it.

I don't know at this point. Since we do not have absolute proof that those pieces washing ashore on the island, I'm sticking with the astrological chart and the coordinates already given. If this is wrong, we will just keep doing research until we get the right answer! Someday everything will be revealed.

It may be that the longitude is correct, but the latitude is not correct. Therefore, we are working on figuring out why the latitude would not be correct. Eventually, the truth will be known.


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