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Personal Calendar - Traditional Western (Piscean Age) Astrology

moon phases


It's time to order your personal calendar for the next 12 months. For each day of the year, you have at hand information to guide you. To calculate a correct calendar, we need date and place of birth and correct time.

What the calendar includes:

Aspects in 1 degree orb:

Color Key: In black ink, transits to transits; in blue ink, transits to your natal chart planets and important points (Ascendant, etc.); in green ink, progressed to natal; in rose ink, arc to natal.

Events listed before days begin: stationary and turning retrograde or direct (date and time), planets entering signs (date and time), void of course moons.

For each day, you will see the current moon sign and, when moon moves to new sign, the exact time in your time zone. 

Also shown are dates and times of New Moons, Full Moons, and Eclipses.

This calendar is for students of astrology and professional astrologers, since it does NOT include interpretation for the aspects and other indicators. 

One of the best uses of the calendar is research - write in a significant event on the day it occurs and you can easily see what progressions and transits are at work in your chart.

The calendar features a page for each of the 12 months and is available for $20.00 to purchasers with correct time of birth. Calendar can be emailed (no shipping or handling fee) or snail-mailed for an additional $4.00 shipping and handling (U.S. purchasers; international purchasers email us for rates).  

We need your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth as well as email or snail-mail address.

Item #CA-01         $20 calendar emailed to you

Item # CA-02        $24 calendar as hard copy, snail-mailed to you in U.S.

Item #CA-03         $30 calendar as hard copy, snail-mailed to you outside U.S.


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