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Chart Service Samples (click on sample for large view)

These do NOT include interpretations. For interpretations, you may want to order a written report. All the written reports are based on Piscean Age Astrology and none is written by Lee.


The charts samples presented here show what can be used by Professional Astrologers and by students of Astrology.


We are using samples for Donald Trump, since he just released his birth certificate on the Internet and, by doing so, obviously gives permission for people to access the chart.


Charts are calculated as geocentric (earth centered) in the Tropical Zodiac with Placidus Houses. If you want heliocentric charts, you MUST specify this. If you want the Sidereal Constellations, you must specify this. If you want other house configurations, you must specify this. Please go to end of this page for samples and list of House choices.


NATAL CHART (also see add-ons)

Novice - 1 page      ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

Novice.gif (406235 bytes)


Chart Service A - 1 page       ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

This chart offers more information than a Novice. Specifically, added are seconds to data and Asteroids and Chiron to list of locations

Chart Service A.gif (612020 bytes)



Progressed or Regressed using Secondary Progressions/Regressions to date specified. Secondary is based on "a year for a day" as found in the Holy Bible. In an Ephemeris that shows all the data for every day for a year or a century, we would find the date for your birth. If we "progress" the chart for your 25th year, we would count down the dates 25 days and that would show where the planets are in your 25th year. The middle and outer planets don't move much. These are Mars through Pluto. The inner ones (Moon, Mercury, Venus) move more quickly.

This progressed chart does not show the original Natal Chart. You must order bi-ring, tri-ring, or quad-ring charts to show these comparisons.  - 1 page ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

progressed.gif (588329 bytes)


Directed Progressed or Directed  Regressed using Solar Arc Progressions/Regressions to date specified . In this chart, all planets move forward (or backward) the same distance as the Sun moves yearly. Therefore, all planets move equally. - 1 page      ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

directed.gif (293182 bytes)



All Returns - 1 page     ( $3  emailed, $5  snail-mailed)

Solar is shown, but a return can be calculated for the Moon (Lunar) or any Planet, although we humans don't live long enough for Neptune and Pluto returns.

Solar Return.gif (283674 bytes)



In a Horary chart, we ask a question. The sample here is one of my projects - determining where Kelli Cox is (either alive or her remains).. Kelli, an adult young woman and college student, disappeared in Denton, Texas. - 1 page   ($3 emailed and $5 snail-mailed)    

Horary.gif (634275 bytes)



Tri-Wheel - Natal, Progressed (for date you specify), and Transits      ($6 emailed, $8 snail-mailed)

tri-wheel prg, dir, transits.gif (673063 bytes)


Quad-Wheel = Natal, Progressed (for date you specify), Directed (for date you specify), Transits      ($8 emailed, $10 snail-mailed)

quad-wheel nata,l prg, dir, transits.gif (307498 bytes)



Astro-Locality Map - 1 page       ($4 emailed, $6 snail-mailed)

Astro-Locality chart.gif (72829 bytes)

Local Space Map - interesting that Donald Trump's Neptune line goes by Washington D.C.  - 1 page  ($4 emailed, $6 snail-mailed)

Local Space.gif (271513 bytes)



Relationship charts can be calculated for ANY two people. This could be individuals in love, a person and a boss, two friends, a parent and child, or, in the charts we are using (Donald Trump and President Obama), two people who are in a controversial relationship (over President Obama's birth certificate - March, 2011)

Comparing two charts in a bi-ring (2 rings) - Person #1 in Center and Person #2 in Outer Ring - 1 page    ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

We are using comparison of Donald Trump and President Obama (birth in Hawaii chart); Donald Trump is Person #1, so his chart is in the Center.

Comp Bi-Wheel DT Person 1.gif (482515 bytes)


Person #2 in Center and Person #1 in Outer Ring - this is President Obama in center and Donald Trump outer ring - 1 page   ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

Comp Bi-Wheel BO Person 1.gif (356778 bytes)


Synestry showing aspects of two charts - 1 page       ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

Synestry Grid Trump Obama.gif (346543 bytes)


New Entity - You and Me Combined - The midpoints of the two charts are combined to form an entirely "New Entity"  - 1 page   ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

You can see the Cancer Sun here is between the Trump Sun in Gemini and the Obama Sun in Leo

Composite Midpoints DT and BO.gif (195587 bytes)


This is a "Davidson" chart. The technique determines the date and time that is precisely in the middle of the dates/times of the two charts being compared. This new date and time becomes the "birthday and birth time" of this "New Entity" and can be progressed.

When you are around a couple, rather than relating to them individually, you may be relating to the new entity they create together. - 1 page     ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

Davison DT BO.gif (306483 bytes)




Aspect Grid #1 - 1 page    ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

aspect grid 1.gif (504822 bytes)


Aspect Grid #2 - 1 page     ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

aspect grid 2.gif (388578 bytes)


Aspect Table - 1 page    ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

Aspect table.gif (515808 bytes)


Asteroid Aspect Grid - 1 page    ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

asteroid aspect grid 1.gif (439832 bytes)



Midpoints of planets   #1 - 1 page      ($3 emailed, $5 snail-mailed)

Midpoint Grid.gif (589401 bytes)





You no longer see the Sun glyph (symbol) since the middle of the chart is the Sun. Now you see the Earth glyph, which is a circle with a cross in it (not to be confused with Part of Fortune glyph used in Astrology - this also is a circle with cross by the cross is diagonal and looks like the letter X) (OUR DEFAULT IS GEOCENTRIC PLACING EARTH IN THE CENTER)  - 1 page.  You would order as a Natal chart (top of page) using either Novice or Chart Service ! form.

heliocentric.gif (270823 bytes)

This page shows both Heliocentric and Geocentric on same page

Helio and Geocentric on one sheet.gif (427675 bytes)



Sidereal uses the Constellations as they were 2000 years ago. You would order as Natal or any other chart (see types of charts above - you simply specify Sidereal).

Sidereal.gif (302984 bytes)

This is Donald Trump's natal chart using Sidereal on the left and the Tropical on the right. You can see the Sun, Moon, and planets are  24 degrees behind where they are in the Tropical. Vedic Astrology always uses Sidereal charts.

Sidereal and Tropical on one page.gif (465512 bytes)


House Choices (default is Placidus unless you specify another)











    Solar Houses



    Vedic Equal


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