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Consultations - Traditional Western (Piscean Age) or Aquarian Age

Consultations can be any length of time with the fee prorated. Typically, Lee comes to your home or office in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex and Ellis, Navarro, and Kaufman Counties. 

In Texas for face-to-face or telephone consultation, price is $100 per hour and any time over one hour is pro-rated. 

60 MINUTES FOR $100 * 90 MINUTES FOR $150 * 120 MINUTES FOR $200

Prices are plus TX sales tax. If you want the session audio taped, each tape cassette is $1.00 plus tax. If video taped, an additional $10 per hour is charged plus tax and Lee transfers from tape to DVD and mails DVD to client for $1.00 per DVD plus tax and S&H.



Natal or Birth Chart

Go here to read about the importance of knowing your natal chart energies.

During our time, we will look at you, your self-esteem, money and property, education, parental and family influences, relationships with children, potential and success in love affairs and marriage, health and day to day work situations, journeys, higher education, career and reputation, friendships, and difficulties. Your talents and positive aspects will come to the forefront.

The amount of detail depends upon how much time you want to devote to a consultation.

Progressed Chart

As time goes by, the planets and house cusps in your chart move. This is described in the book of Ezekiel in the Holy Bible. The Progressed Chart shows us what energies are at play during specific times of your life. This can include potentials for positive outcomes as well as risks.


Lee also consults on Astro-Locality, Return, and Relationship charts.

Chart Rectification - your time must be within 2 hours and we need the dates of 10 instances of events that have personally happened to you, such as marriage, children born, death of parent, college graduation, awards, job change, etc.  $100.00

A Past-Life reading looks at what energies we entered this life with in order to balance previous unacceptable behaviors. 


Why is this important? Quite a number of years ago, I was invited by a CEO to attend a meeting of the company's executives and present information on the corporation's astrological chart. Everything went very well until I explained the that an individual was embezzling funds. Everyone gasped and said I could not be correct. I did not name the person, just offered information that the books needed to be audited. After the meeting, I did, of course, specify the name of the individual in a confidential conversation with the CEO.

The CEO would not believe there was any possibility of such a criminal act and refused to order an audit. 

During the weeks after that meeting, there was tension between the CEO and myself. Emotionally, I felt terrible about this, but I knew we  had accurate date, time, and place of the corporation's creation and the chart was showing this, so I stuck by my guns.

Weeks later, I received a call late in the evening from the CEO, who was out of state and in California. I was told the person I had mentioned as embezzling had walked into the company's inventory storage area, filled a bag with the most expensive products, and walked out through the reception area. She was wearing a fur coat and, allegedly on her way out, snipped, "Thanks for the coat." Apparently, she immediately few to Europe.

An audit was performed and YES, she had been embezzling from the corporation, just as the chart had shown.

How does astrology help your business? With the benefit of hindsight, decision making is 100% accurate. The use of Business  Astrology offers the benefit of FORESIGHT to help companies build a successful business by providing original and backup confirmation decision-making assistance. There are five primary areas:
WHEN - Timing
WHO - Personnel
WHERE - Location
WHAT- Mission Definition
HOW - Strategic Planning

To provide accurate information, we need to know the date, place, and time the business started or opened its doors. It also is helpful to have the date, place, and time of birth of the CEO and top executives.

During 2012, prices for business consultations are the same as for personal consultation. We want business owners and managers to discover how Astrology can help in managing an enterprise as well as in best motivating specific individuals.


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