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Other than the Astrological parody book, any books by Lee with an astrological base will have her listed as Lee masters or Lee Masters as author.


Lee's Astrological Parody E-book 

This item has been published for immediate download for $1.99 at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/166499 (sometimes the price is lower with coupon available at the site).

Download formats are listed at that website.

If you want the book snail-mailed to you on a CD for you to print out, the price is (and no item number has been added - it will be in later 2014):

Item #                $5.00 ($3 plus S&H of $2.00); Texas sales tax will be added at checkout

Most of us are familiar with the old sing-along tunes. In the 1980s, Lee wrote new lyrics for these melodies and the new "Astrology" songs were performed as sing-alongs for Astrology parties in piano bars. The book as Lee's legal name of Lee Gabor as author. After two introductory songs about Astrology in general, there is at least one song for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. A few signs feature two songs. The contents are light and meant as entertainment and fun. 


Love Never Dies

Item #                $10.00 (8.00 plus S&H of $2.00); Texas sales tax will be added at checkout - this is for the book in PDF format and the song as performed by Lee, burned to CD and mailed to you.

Available for immediate download in Ebook format at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/146535 $2.99. A list of formats can be found at the website.

The novel is also available in Kindle edition for $2.99 at Amazon.

If you are interested in a Christian-Based historical (Vietnam War) romance, you may enjoy the E-Book in PDF format, Love Never Dies by Lee. She wrote words and music for the book's theme song and recorded it, singing and playing piano and strings synthesizer. This book does not contain any references to astrology. It is simply an old-fashioned love story and represents Lee's closing energy to her childhood and teen years growing up in a strong religious atmosphere. Lee's legal name is Lee Gabor and that is the author you see listed on the book. We believe Astrology is not anti-religion or anti-Christian - it is more of the ideal that one's spiritual self can be expressed at every moment and one does not need to be heavily involved in any religious organization in order to be at one with God's purpose. 




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