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Two FREE Ebooks Published

Lee and Friends incorporated a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit in July, 2014 and these books are available free at Smashwords as part of that non-profit's goal of creating a better world.


Happy New Year 2014 to everyone. 

The 2013 year was a "6" destiny (add the digits) and was volatile with hidden things coming up and obvious things of good intention  moving downward to drown in a muddy puddle. Also, with Pluto in Capricorn (the Piscean Age word) or Offie R. D. Fencer (our Masters Astrology Aquarian Age name for the Immunity/Lymphatic System), we have seen issues regarding immunity (people who should be accountable for their actions are not), protection (military), and insurance (shared risk), coming to the forefront. 

Today (1/1/2014) we are entering a "7" destiny year, which offers us AS INDIVIDUALS to separate ourselves from the negatives that have bothered us and to better perfect our lives. Life is changing significantly both in the U.S. and around the world.

It is helpful for us to write down exactly what our life is like now and what are our expectations for a better life. Only by having our goals clearly in mind can we move toward them. 

While completing some tasks on my personal TO DO list (see Personal Note from Lee below), I also am working on two side by side books - one non-fiction explanation of the Aquarian Age and the other a novel (fiction) that presents some of the important information as it relates to the lives of the characters in the book.

One other thing, a wonderful gift is being sent to me from Karen B., who is currently in Afghanistan. We've known each other for years and she was aware I really wanted a copy of the movie "A Promise for Caroline" starring Delta Burke. Back in the early 1990s, I was the astrological consultant on the movie and prepared the chart that appears in the movie. Karen found a copy of the movie for sale and it is on the way to me now. 

As 2014 begins, it is so important to appreciate those people who lift us up, while we distance ourselves from those who drag us down. I'm very grateful on this New Year's Day to have honest, dependable, intelligent, and generous friends whom I can call on at any time for any type of help.

May  your 2014 be a very positive year and may you step out of your past and make your life the best it can be.


Early 2014 is dedicated to completing projects on the "To Do" list from my "other" life. These projects include 1) publishing sheet music for all the songs I've written and 2) completing and publishing novels and non-fiction ebooks and re-formatting all of my ebooks to POD or Print On Demand Books through Amazon. For details on these "Lee Gabor" projects, please visit my personal website.

I've always lived two lives - personal, which included writing (newspaper reporter, tech writer, and now free-lance writer), playing piano and singing in piano bars, restaurants, nightclubs, country-clubs, and for private parties around the U.S., owning and operating a talent agency and performing arts academy, and six years in public education. It is easy to see in my personal astrological chart how these various professions were important in my life. I enjoyed moving to various parts of the country in order to live under specific mid-heaven lines for planets. For example, with Venus in Pisces in my 9th House, when I lived and entertained in Madison, WI, I wrote about 40 songs. When I lived and worked in public education in Dallas, TX, I was almost under my Sun Midheaven line (Sun in Pisces) and received three education awards (one of each: national, state, local). Newspaper reporting was under my Mercury (in Pisces) line. The new astrology started coming to me when I was under my Neptune line in Boston, MA and continued as I lived under my Sun line in Texas. ASTROLOGY WORKS!!!!! 

At the same time I lived my more personal life, astrology and metaphysics have been so important to me since I was 12 years old and, as a result, my life has been split between personal and astrological areas. As soon as my personal tasks are complete, I will finish the astrology novel about Aquarian Age Astrology and write how-to books on the new technique.

With three personal planets in the dual sign of Pisces and Uranus in the dual sign of Gemini, juggling two lives has been natural for me. In addition, Cancer Moon (in the 8th House) has given me enormous creative motivation and a strong tendency toward being a loner (working alone). My chart selected me to bring out the new Aquarian Age Astrology and I'm so honored to do that.


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