Initiates are usually on the leading edge of Life - interested in learning as much as possible and then using one's skills to help make a better world for everyone. Initiates are not "jerked" around by others and are often rebellious to those people who try to jerk us around.

In the "old days," individuals were selected by temple priests and other religious figures. These selected people became "Initiates" and were trained in the secret teachings of the Ages. The Sphinx in Egypt is considered to have been a Temple of Initiates thousands of years ago.

In this day and Age, some leaders continue to "select" those "special" people to become Initiates and to receive only the secrets of that belief system. Some of these groups may be cults. Others may be groups of Initiates who have banded together to achieve goals.

The Internet has brought forth the new trend. Rather than being selected by another person, it is possible for the new Initiates to select themselves. Of course, before classifying oneself as an Initiate, it is important to know what characteristics describe an Initiate.

There is lots of information on the Internet. Basically, Initiates don't allow themselves to think, feel, and act like an animal. Instead, we lift ourselves to a new level in which we are mastering our animal impulses.

Initiates don't necessarily do this perfectly 100% of the time. And we aren't expected to. Instead, we try to live every day as our Higher Spiritual self. We filter our thoughts, feelings, and actions through a screen of

 "Am I harmless to others?"

"Does this represent my best use of my reasoning mind?"

"Are my emotions showing unconditional love of God's other children?" This does NOT mean we applaud or accept their emotions and behaviors. Instead, we love their souls, even if we do not agree with their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Am I taking care of my physical body?"

"Am I authentic? Do my words and actions correlate?"

"Do I attempt to, as often as possible, live in a balanced manner so that my spiritual self, intellectual self, emotional self, and physical self are aligned?"

"Do I work at living a 50-50 existence in terms of me and others, so that I am not a victim or others and I do not victimize others?"

"Am I a steward of my environment?"

"Am I a participant in my community and government?"

"When I make a judgment, am I measuring me against the person I was yesterday instead of me against others?"

"Do I stop and think before acting?"

"Do I truly pay attention to the message I am received from others or do I reflect upon that message ONLY in terms of my needs and desires?"

and more

YOU decide if you are an Initiate and on the Path to at-one-ment with your higher Spiritual Self. If you are an Initiate, YOU decide how to best manifest that. You may choose to listen to the opinions of others, but YOU make YOUR decisions and YOU do not let others hold you back.

God's world holds no secrets - just information we haven't as yet learned to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Initiates think of ourselves as "on the Path" to becoming our best selves Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. Typically, Initiates believe in reincarnation in human form. In other words, during ONE lifetime, we can't achieve the mastery level of every area of our lives. Therefore, we come back into various incarnations in order to EVENTUALLY master these areas.

Genius is simply about timing. All people are created equally with potentials. We choose which issues we will work on during a lifetime and over that lifetime, we achieve a step or more toward our goal. Over many, many lifetimes, we reach advanced knowledge, wisdom, and understandings in many areas. In the long run, Life is fair!


Again, there is lots of information available on the Internet. In the near future, we will be forming an association that will offer information. You are invited to join us or to pursue your own method of walking along the Path. We offer NO FORCE and NO EXCLUSION!


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