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Natal Chart Energies

"War and Peace" is the name of a classic novel and also labels what goes on in the brain as various chemicals, in various amounts, kick in (Quotation marks used for title instead of underline, since we use underlines for links).

For some, there is a fine level of chemical balance and the ups and downs deviate only slightly from a flat line. Life is stable. Time brings bumps, but they aren't felt too severely.

Some get a little more deviation and, therefore, have to put a little more energy into handling the ups and downs and keeping the self stabilized.

Still others, however, enjoy and endure a life that goes from one extreme to another. 

What is joyful to Group 1 people and lively to Group 2 people becomes sky rockets for Group 3 individuals.

What is a slight frustration to Group 1 people and a real nuisance is Group 2 people is a major devastation to those in the third group. Volatility describes Group 3. 

Our natal (birth) charts show which group we were born into and therefore which level of intensity we will experience during our life. All during our lives, each of us is under the barrage of energies coming at us from the stars. Group 1 handles these easily. Group 2 exerts a little more discipline and will to stay on an even keel. Group 3 people live crazy lives and spend enormous amounts of energy to stay in control. 

Unfortunately, because Group 1 and 2 people live close to the flat line, they cannot understand how things get so out of sync for Group 3 people. They have no compassion for those living on the edge. They often express disdain for the Group 3 people. They squeeze them and push them even more than is already being done by the chart energies.

Then they are astounded when a Group 3 person "blows" and creates devastation and destruction. Many of these dramatic events don't reach a level that earns time on a news broadcast, but the destruction in the home, family, and workplace can be severe. The children carry lifelong emotional (and possibly also physical, mental, and spiritual) scars from these blowups.

Sometimes, these blowups are so awful, they do reach us through TV and radio news. We spend our lives talking about the Columbine High and other school shootings, the Oklahoma bombing, 9-11, the sniper at The University of Texas tower, and mothers and fathers murdering their own children.

After the fact, we astrologers discover the accurate birth data for these people, calculate and examine the charts, and say, "Of course!" The stresses were there and only with strong, solid and compassionate intervention could this destruction have been avoided. 

Most astrologers feel enormous pain that these events occur because we know the scene could have been avoided if astrology charts were being monitored. It will be a great improvement in the future when there are many more astrologers who constantly monitor charts and we can then PREVENT such horror instead of just watch it on the news.

Your natal chart indicates whether your life will be more placid or more stressful. Your progressed charts tell us the timing of these stresses. I know for a fact that when we have advance notice of a period of extreme strain, we can pull from us that extra bit of self will it takes to control the situation and not "blow," like a volcano or tornado strike. 


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