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Global Issues - Solving World Problems

"We can live for the comfort of one lifetime OR we can live one lifetime for the future." Lee masters

This page is a Work in Progress as I have time to write my thoughts and to think of solutions. I already believe I know what are the problems.

The list seems overwhelming and it is! In many ways, life is no different than it ever has been. The same 12 principles have been influencing us for thousands of years. One of the main differences is the amount of technology we in the "first-world" nations now have. The washing machines, refrigerators, cars, etc., allow us to have more time for entertainment OR education. People in the "third-world" nations do not have such time - most are scratching to simply stay alive. The planet is very out-of-balance. Also, we have computers, Smart-phones, the Internet, and so much more. These items are available only to a few people in the "third-world" nations.

Yet, with all we have in the "first-world" nation in which I live (the United States), we have major problems that are not being solved. No wonder there is so much drug and alcohol use in this country. The idea we can fix things is not shared by everyone. And those people trying to fix things are in such a major fight with others regarding how to fix them. 


KEY: Masters Aquarian Age Astrology = MAAA                      Piscesn Age Astrology = PAA

Yes, when PAA and MAAA get together, we can become fully Aware of the results.


Why do people have a hard time solving problems? Simply because they 1) each see the problem through their own lens and 2) deal with problems on different levels. For example, some are "solution-oriented brain" people. Others are "just give me a hug and make my heart and feelings feel better" people. Unfortunately, when the the heart-hug people have a problem, they sometimes call the brain-fix it people and throw on them all the messy feelings being experienced. These are not the right people to call. Brain-problem-solving people don't give the hug-heart people what the hug-heart people need, which makes these latter individuals even more upset. Simultaneously, the brain-problem-solving people now can't understand why the hug-people are in such denial.

We need both types in the world. With individuals, usually we are predominantly one or the other. The brain-problem-solving people can come up with solutions that work, but the other half of the people don't accept the solutions. Typically, the solution is too harsh. This is why it is so difficult to solve problems in the life of an individual, in a family, in a state or country, or global-wise.  

We are not saying everyone in America or in the Democratic Party (examples) is one type of the other. Every country and every political party and every business and every family has both types of people. The purpose is for us to learn to balance heart and intelligence. This is very difficult. However, if we don't find a way, we won't solve global problems. We are headed for a major fall on the global level. These times are critical.

Can we agree on what are the problems? These are the ones I see:



Girls in Africa who are mutilated in ritual ceremonies.

Women who are treated as property with no rights.



There is air pollution as a result of the overpopulation of the planet and our use of fossil fuels as well as manufacturing techniques that throw chemicals into the air. 


Arms Control



Climate Change - Environment (Droughts, More Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Devastation)

Although there are natural climate changes as a result of the existence of our planet, most changes now are resulting from man's lifestyles - burning coal, etc.


Consumption and Consumerism






Death before a natural lifetime has been lived

Today, 22,000 children in the world died. http://www.globalissues.org/article/715/today-over-22000-children-died-around-the-world


Drugs - both legal and illegal




I believe everyone on the planet has a right to be educated (not indoctrinated). Fortunately, the Internet offers free education (and a great deal of indoctrination). However, most people on the planet do not have access to the Internet. Therefore, education is a local issue and there must be free education for both boys and girls in every town and community on this planet.


Election Process in the U.S. 

The best government money can buy -  

Because our legislators have to spend so much time and energy in fund-raising so they can be elected, it is doubtful they have enough time to truly be elected officials and represent the people. This needs to change. The people now who are elected are the ones with the most money backing them.

Voter Fraud -

This is not new. Documentaries have been produced showing how easy it is for voting machines to alter results. The old paper ballots are no more in many places. That means there is no paper trail available for verification. We saw what happened with the "hanging chads" in the Florida results regarding the Presidential Election, 2000. I watched one documentary in which a few people people marked ballots and the camera filmed what they marked. A tally of markings was kept by the filmmakers. They then put the ballots into a machine. When the voting result was produced (as if it were at the end of a voting day), the results from the machine were not the same as the tally sheet produced as we watched people marking ballots. In America, we do NOT have the free government we want. We continue to have fraud in elections. Most Americans are in denial about the reality that exists in our country - and those are the VOTING citizens. The percentage of eligible citizens who don't vote is astounding. This is upsetting to me because millions of people have died for us to have rights. This is NOT the country they died to protect. How sad!

I know the legislators in some states (Texas, where I live, for example) are creating laws to require photo identifications to be shown at the election sites. This is a step they are taking as a solution. However, if the voting machines are altered to give a benefit to one candidate, it doesn't matter about the voter id.

Solution:  We must find a way to keep honesty in our voting process. I believe the answer will come from more electronics and technology.


Energy Resources

There are not enough fossil fuels to sustain us. Therefore, we MUST use alternative fuels, such as solar and wind energy. Do we continue with nuclear energy? This form holds many dangers for us. What do we do with nuclear waste? What happens if there is an infrastructure problem at a nuclear plant?



Food that has plastics in it - what are we doing to our oceans and rivers?

Food with radiation in it - what are the nuclear plants doing to us?

A better term than "food" is "fuel for the body," since we do put so much junk into our bodies and then expect our machines (bodies) to operate efficiently. We rarely even know what the chemicals are that are in our foods.

SOLUTION: 1) pay attention to what is in our food; 2) eat organic foods that are not packaged with lots of chemicals

Genetically Engineered





Illnesses and pandemics

Preventable Diseases



Everyone should have a clean and adequate home in which to live. Everyone should be able to sleep safely in that home.




United States

Whether this is your house, your car, or the nation's bridges and roads, one must constantly do observation and maintenance or "upkeep" in order for things to continue in a manner they can be safely and efficiently used. I know in the U.S., the infrastructure is in really bad shape. Instead of keeping up with that, money has been wasted. It takes money to maintain. The infrastructure in the U.S. is degrading by the day.

Solution: Stop wasting money. Get the national debt under control so that so massive amounts of money will NOT be spent on interest payments for that debt. This is the same as for a couple to have massive credit card debt. It is the interest that keeps the debt high. There are people of ALL political parties who want to solve this issue. There are others who would rather argue and fight than solve the problem. This creates a stalemate - nobody wins, especially citizens of the United States.






I learned for a fact years ago that money meant more than the release of news. As a reporter and snoopy with a "nose for news," I discovered information in records in the basement of the county courthouse that would have made a great article. I went to the Managing Editor to discuss this investigative news. Immediately, I learned that the object of the report was owned a business that was one of the newspaper's largest advertisers. That meant money for the paper. At the same time, I talked to the Ad Department and realized that reporters were paid nothing in comparison to the ad people. Right always had been more important to me than money. Obviously, it was idealistic and the reality was that money talks loudest. Why am I saying all this?

It has been no surprise to me that our media has been corrupted. Huge corporations own the major networks. Corporate officials decide WHICH news is approved. 

Fortunately, we have the Internet and Cable or Satellite TV. We can watch news directly from Britain, Germany, Japan, Al Jazeera, etc. We can stream video of events. 

I watch those newscasts. I watch network newscasts. I am amazed at the stories that exist and are never covered or release in the U.S. The founding fathers of America knew a free press meant everything in keeping a democracy (or democratic Republic, as the U.S. is) alive and well. We are isolated from much that is happening in our country and in the world. That makes it easy for lobbyists and "fatcat" corporate executives to skew our lives as they wish. 

I even pay attention to what local newspapers are doing - the little ones near me. Money talks. When a reporter or an editor is "in bed with" (not literally) with the wealthiest people in the area, investigative reports about them (even news everyone knows) are never written. As an Astrologer, I can tell you everything comes down to the Moon as it moves around our planet. In Masters Aquarian Age Astrology, it is the Moon that controls money. The Moon is our cold hard cash.

I'm not saying all lobbyists are bad or that all corporations (including multi-corps) are greedy and out to destroy our country. As with everything, there is good and bad in both. I am saying it was a disheartening shock to me when I was 23 and learned the reality that money controlled a free press. It remains disheartening to me today. I'm sure it is depressing to the reporters. But they have to eat and they have families. They have no power against the big corps. In fact, a statistic is that 80% of the investigative reporters have lost their jobs in the last few years.

Solution: Try to get as much news as you can directly from other countries and other sources rather than from JUST our network media. 



Mind-game Playing

We have many problems in the U.S. that need our attention. A fight about a birth certificate is ridiculous. I happen to believe all American citizens have a right to know that our our elected officials are eligible to serve. This includes our President. Every president should verify his eligibility. I've looked at President Obama's natal chart (one set in Hawaii and one set in Kenya) to understand why the President would not simply release his official birth certificate and settle this issue rather than spending millions of dollars fighting the legal cases to hide all the information. Other records the President refuses to release are: Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, files from his years as an Illinois state senator, Illinois State Bar Association records, baptism records and his alleged adoption records.

Another chart I have looked at is the U.S. Natal chart progressed to Barack Obama's election. More to come.

Solution: Pass laws that require EVERY candidate to release the birth certificate and pertinent records before he/she can run for election.


Money - Global Financial Crisis - Poverty





Multi-National Corporations






Gender Bias

In the U.S., women continue to be paid less than men. This says the work a woman does is not equal to the work a man does. I believe in equal pay for equal work. In other countries, especially some, women are still considered property of men with no rights to a decent life. 

I also understand that, in general, people of each gender wants it own kind to be superior. Since people using male bodies have ruled the world for thousands of years, people using male bodies want to continue with ruler-ship. However, I can state very specifically that we are past high noon on the 25,920-year Master Sunday. We are on the reflective or female side now and women will come to power. This is why there are Goddess movements all over the planet. This is a constant 12,000-year cycle of men superior, then women superior. Since our written history doesn't even go back 12,000 years, people aren't aware of this cycle YET. However, just keep watching - you will see more and more women come to power.

Solution:   Recognize that the brain has two halves and both are equally important. The left-brain lobe is masculine and logic and step-by-step. The right-brain lobe is feminine and expressive and random. It takes both EQUALLY working to create a great and inspirational something.

We have physical bodies that are definitely gender oriented. People use a physical body that is either male or female. However, we also have spiritual bodies (no gender), mental bodies (expressed as more masculine gender), and emotional bodies (expressed as more feminine gender). It is important to recognize in our every action, what is coming to the forefront.

As women, we can be as smart as men. We also have brains. As men, we can be as emotional women. We also have emotional bodies. 

People who are becoming truly Aware are losing the gender bias and recognizing we have both male and female characteristics and can use both sides of the brain. 





Sexual Orientation (Heterosexuals, Gays, Lesbians)



Religious Discrimination





In the world, 10,000 children a day die from starvation. This needs to stop. However, part of what causes this is lack of birth control - people have children when they KNOW they can't feed them.



There seem to be two reasons for wars. Either one party (country) has something the other party (country) wants OR people in one country believe a certain way and 1) think everyone should believe the exact same thing or 2) feel disrespected by others believing a certain way.

Regardless of the reason, for one side to win over the other, they need arms of some sort. These could be weapons of death or even the media (the pen is worth a thousand words). Through media, people get involved. The U.S. withdrew from Vietnam because of the media.

As you learn in Masters Aquarian Age Astrology, Mercury is Adam Lockit, the Indicator for structure. In Piscean Age Astrology, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and represents communication.

On March 30,2011, Adam stops and turns around to move backwards or "goes retrograde." This appears to happen for us on earth in our geocentric or Earth-centered charts. Of course, Mercury does NOT really go backwards in the heliocentric or Sun-centered charts. However, since it appears to happen from our earth perspective, we use that information.

Looking at it from the PAA position, this was not the best time for President Obama to announce he is running for re-election. Plus, communications are difficult, letters, emails, etc., never arrive or arrive late, or are misunderstood, contracts and papers lost, etc.

From the MAAA position, 24 Aries is to be fully aware of muscle power. Awareness comes from comparison. The world gets to see what happens when the U.S. military shoots 150 million dollars with of rockets in Libya compared to what little France, other countries, and the United Nations can do.  



Shortages and unclean



The Rise and Fall of Nations

Americans want to believe our country will continue forever and will be the power of the world forever. There WAS a time when Alexander the Great of Macedonia ruled the world. There WAS a time when Rome was THE Superpower. There WAS a time when the sun never set on the British Empire and Great Britain was THE Superpower. History shows us countries rise and they fall.

America is NO exception. A country's natal chart shows when the purpose will have been fulfilled. The end of America comes and this country will be nothing like the one created by the founding fathers. It is almost nothing like that now.


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